WLQ Centrifugal Screener

Efficient in sieving the wide variety of powder, granules and other free-flowing materials, especially for materials having low bulk density.

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Weiliang centrifugal screen is applied for sifting and sieving high volumes of material, at high speed and with high efficiency. It provides ease of operation and can be used on a variety of applications including classifying & De-dusting. Its unique design and structure allow more material to be sieved with fewer fines in the oversize particles, which will increase capacity also efficiency, and optimize the profits of any processing applications ultimately. Weiliang centrifugal sifter is capable of handling a large variety of powder and particles by removing the unwanted products, with quick, efficient sifting and screening performance.

Weiliang centrifugal sifter is quite effective in processing bulk solids and powder. It is a rotary type sieving machine designed to separate particles of  different sizes into two product streams and to remove impurities and oversize materials. Stainless steel punched mesh, stainless steel wire mesh and nylon mesh are the options for processing different types of materials, and the stainless steel mesh also has the crushing effect which helps to break the lumps during the sieving process. Weiliang centrifugal screeners are specifically designed to meet the increasing demands of bulk powder sieving applications and processes. 


High performance

Weiliang centrifugal sifter assemblies the featured 360 degree screen cage, with high speed rotation, coarse material would be separated out quickly

Enclosed Design

The enclosed design helps in dust free operation, meeting the high standard of sanitary

centrifugal sifter

Operator friendly

No tools are typically required for dismantling the screen cage, for replacing, cleaning or for maintenance

Low noise

Weiliang centrifugal screen can sift and de-agglomerate bulk solid materials at high throughput rates with virtually low noise and vibration

structure of centrifugal sifter

How a . Work

screen cage
structure of centrifugal screen
centrifugal screen structure

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Model WLQ18-85 and Model WLQ30-85 for Your Options

vibrating sieve
vibrating sieve


  • Chemical industry: soda ash, polyethylene, coating…
  • Non-metallic industry: quartz powder, mica…
  • Metallurgy industry: alloy powder…
  • Food industry: wheat flour, starch, spices, thyme, baobab powder, ginger powder, curry powder,VC powder, sugar…
  • Pharmaceuticals industry: medicine powder…
  • Metal Industry: zinc oxide, magnetic materials, calcium oxide…
application of centrifugal sifter

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