a great option for safety screening

Weiliang S49AQ direct discharge vibrating screener is specially designed for impurities removal. High performance, low noise, fully enclosed structure, no dust, good continuous separation of raw materials to meet verious needs. The bottom outlet enables fine materials being discharged quickly in a large amount. Enhance this model is widely used for safety screening process.

Weiliang S49AQ direct discharge vibrating sieving machine is used for removing impurities, usually as the saftey screening. It is widely applied in various powders and granules such as chemicals, foods, plastics, animal feeds, fertilizers etc. Large productivity and easy to be connected into the production lines. Two options: 1st option is with one motor and 2nd option is with two motors. The movement of raw material could be adjusted to reach different sieving effects accordingly. Also we have one invention patent of strong and convenient installation energized component for the screen, which could make the frequency change instantly, causing the strong movement of material on the screen surface, forcing material pass through the screen surface quickly. 

Features of S49AQ

  • Fully enclosed, small noise
  • Few maintenance
  • Quick discharging
  • Large productivity
  • Food grade and GMP standard
  • High quality motor, long service life
  • Quick to replace the screen
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