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Expert for Fine Screening

Xinxiang Weiliang Sieving Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 2006, after 17 years efforts, and with the help of our team and our customers, Weiliang has developed quickly, step by step, which has become one of the leading manufacturers in fine screening field in China. Since now  Weiliang has exported high quality screeners to over 60 countries and have gained high recognition and trust  of numerous customers all over the world.
With professional techniques and great services, Weiliang team has the ability to meet any requirement of customers. Additionally, Weiliang has 2600㎡ first-class testing workshop, where our team of professionals will conduct personalized material samples test, which includes test analysis of material size, density, moisture, capacity and so on, which help to settle down the most suitable models for our customers.
With excellent technical services, a full range types of screeners and professional product inspection, we endeavour to develop strong, long-lasting Business to Business relationships with customers through careful consideration of their individual requirements.

17 Years

We Only Dig in Producing and Improving

Fine Screening Equipment

After years of development, WEILIANG has become one of the leading enterprises in fine screening field in China, covering an area of over 36,000 square meters, with two subsidiaries.

WEILIANG screening equipment is widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, mining, lithium, plastic, recycling and so on. Occupying a dominant position in the Chinese market and exported to more than 50 countries and regions.

2019 annual sales
15600000.00 USD
2020 annual sales
2000000.00 USD
2021 annual sales
25200000.00 USD
2022 annual sales
25060000.00 USD
2023 annual sales
25000000.00 USD

Why Choose Weiliang

Guaranteed Quality

We have world-class production facilities to ensure the precision and stability of our screeners. Besides facilities, we also work with great suppliers of spare parts.

Attention to Details

We pay a lot of attention to details, we have a strict production procedure to ensure the efficient functioning of every team for different models.

Technial Support

We have professional technical team and after-sale team, willing to provide technical supports, from settling down the model, site layout to installation and and trial run.

Great Services

No matter pre-sale, in-sale, or after-sale, we are happy to offer the great services, and ready to sovle your doubts even if your exsit machine was ordered from another supplier.

Focus on Innovation

We never feel satisfied with the current achievements we have, so we keep improving our technology and adjusting our models accoring to our experience.

Quality Control

We have professional inspection team for quality control, and test reports for each screener before package. Every parts are inspected well before entering warehouse.

Stable Package

Each model would be packed strictly after inspection, first we pack the machine with a plastic bag then fix it on the base, and wrap it with plastic film, then seal the plywood box well.

Reliable Partner

We are more than a top manufacturer of screening equipment, we are more your reliable partner. With us, you would be free of worry also get high production benefits.

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