EPS Drying Machine

WLG dewatering and drying machine for drying EPS efficiently

WLG dewatering and drying machine is for removing moisture rapidly for the slurry material within the centrifugal force, the slurry is feeded into the rotor through the bottom inlet, and the particles pass through the rotor under spiral high speed transmission to the discharge. The high pressure air caused by the countercurrent of the auxiliary heat air which comes through the upper inlet of the dryer machine, helps to remove the water vapor quickly. The particles would be drier and drier under the centrifugal high-speed rotation. The whole drying process takes only a few seconds, the final material will be discharged quickly, with less than 0.05 moisture content.

Weiliang specially-designed dewatering and drying machine is widely applied in plastics industry, providing high quality dewatering and drying processing for EPS. High performance and continuously- improved WLG dewatering and drying machine can perfectly fit into line production, with fully-enclosed structure, few maintenance and long service life. EPS being dried is with moisture below 0.05%, bringing higher benefits for end users.

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