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China Factory Direct Tumbler Screener

Top manufacturer of fine screening equipment in China with 15 years of experience and improvements. 

The first manufacturer of tumbler screening machine and gyratory sifter in China.

China’s First Manufacturer owns the fully-automatic assembly line for gyratory sifter.

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General Applications For Weiliang Screening Equipment

Weiliang screeners are widely applied in almost all industrial fields with high sieving performance, producing the qualified final products that meet the high industrial standard. No matter for small-large particles grading, impurities-removel or solid-liquid separation, you could always find a great solution for your specific sieving application.

General Hot Selling Products

As the specialist for fine screening equipment, Weiliang has the hot selling screeners: round vibrating sieve, tumbler screening machine, centrifugal sieve and gyratory sifter, which could meet different sieving requirements with high sieving performance. Welcome to contact us for more information, we’d love to hear from you!

S49 Vibrating Screener

S49B Vibrating Screener

S49AQ Vibrating Screener

WLQ Centrifugal Screener

YBS Tumbler Screener

FYBS Gyratory Screener

GLS Vibrating Screener

WLG Centrifugal Dryer

SZF Vibrating Screener

On-site Videos For Weiliang Screeners

Weiliang screening equipment are efficient in bulk material grading, safety screening, solid-liquid separation and dedusting in various industries like foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, minerals etc. Here please check some of our on-site videos for different applications. Any needs or questions you may have, please feel free to contact us to let us know how we can help to improve the productivity and quality of your final product.

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Filtering feldspar Liquid
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citric acid sifter
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Xylitol sifter
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gyratory sifter
Play Video about gyratory sifter
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tumbler screening machine
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centrifugal sifter
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Robot Welding
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Our . Flow

We have professional production team with years of experience to control the quality of each processing part, also we have world-class production line to ensure the accuracy for every processing step. High quality workshop appliance such as laser cutting equipment, bending equipment, welding equipment, punching equipment, pressing equipment, and CNC machines.

  1. Online factory visiting available
  2. Third-party factory inspection available
  3. Raw material test-run available
  4. Inspection before delivery available
  5. Production progress report available
  6. Online installation guidance available
  7. Online after-sale service available

Online Tour of Our Factory

Welcome to visit our factory by clicking our VR. This would show you a vivid presentation of our workshops, warehouse, offices. Besides the world-class production facilities, Weiliang also has 2600㎡ first-class testing workshop, where our team of professionals will conduct personalized material samples test, which includes test analysis of material size, density, moisture, capacity and so on, which will help to settle down the most suitable models for our customers.

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Top 4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Screening Machine

When it comes to mechanical screening equipment, there are many things to consider before purchasing. One of the most obvious considerations is either to cooperate with a factory or with a trading company, to help you purchase a screening machine that fits your budget and still has all the features you need for successful screenings of the final products. The second consideration should be how to choose the right manufacturer of screeing machines – eight tips for you to make comparisions between different manufacturers. The third thing is to keep some spares for further emergency, and you could also learn some skills of producing a new screen mesh by yourself. And the last thing to consider would be accounting for the shipping costs and shipping time.

weiliang factory

Why Work with A Factory Not A Trading Company?

weiliang factory

What Should We Know About the Vibrating Screen Factory?

weiliang factory

Keep More Wearing Parts and Learn to Make Your Own Screens

Some vulnerable parts could be ordered together with the screening machine for further emergency, which will save time and maintenance costs also delivery costs for shipping spares separately. Additionally, customers could learn to produce the screen themselves to save cost and time.

weiliang factory

Transportation Cost and Shipping Time for Screeing Machines

The two crucial things that should be also considered, the shippment cost vary when shipping screeners with different sizes and weights. When deliver by air, it would need magnetic check for motor with extra costs. Also check the local taxs you need to pay for importing a screening machine in advance. For shipping time, it costs different times for shipping to different countries, purchase your sieving machines according to your production schedule.

A Brief Self-Nomination​, Why Choose Weiliang?

Xinxiang Weiliang Sieving Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 2006, after 15 years efforts, and with the help of our team and our customers, Weiliang has developed quickly, step by step, which has become one of the leading manufacturers in fine screening field in China. Since now  Weiliang has exported high quality screeners to 52 countries and have gained high recognition and trust  of numerous customers all over the world.

Guaranteed Quality

We have world-class production facilities to ensure the precision and stability of our screeners. Besides facilities, we also work with great suppliers of spare parts.

Attention to Details

We pay a lot of attention to details, we have a strict production procedure to ensure the efficient functioning of every team for different models.

Technial Support

We have professional technical team and after-sale team, willing to provide technical supports, from settling down the model, site layout to installation and and trial run.

Great Services

No matter pre-sale, in-sale, or after-sale, we are happy to offer the great services, and ready to sovle your doubts even if your exsit machine was ordered from another supplier.

Focus on Innovation

We never feel satisfied with the current achievements we have, so we keep improving our technology and adjusting our models accoring to our experience.

Quality Control

We have professional inspection team for quality control, and test reports for each screener before package. Every parts are inspected well before entering warehouse.

Stable Package

Each model would be packed strictly after inspection, first we pack the machine with a plastic bag then fix it on the base, and wrap it with plastic film, then seal the plywood box well.

Reliable Partner

We are more than a top manufacturer of screening equipment, we are more your reliable partner. With us, you would be free of worry also get high production benefits.

The FAQs About Screening Machines

Please note that the final cost depends on the customized service you require, the specifications of the raw materials used, the relevant national laws, and the distance of transportation. Take the example of booking a tall container of products:

There are many factors we should know to settle down the most suitable type of screening equipment, such as:

1.  The screening purpose, for grading, coarse material removal, dedusting, or filtering etc

2. The characteristics of the raw material like its density, mositure content, tempreture,  liquidity, viscidity etc

3. Particle size distribution

4. Productivity requested per hour

5. How many cuts would be needed also the mesh size for each layer?

6. Operation space for the screening machine

7. Any special requirements for connection into the production line

Besides the difference in shape and screening area, the other main difference between round vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen is the motion that they move the raw material through the screen mesh. 

Linear vibrating screen uses vibrating motors to throw raw material in an upward and forward linear motion, mainly for dry classification with one-two layers.

For round vibrating screen, raw material will make a 3D motion on the screen mesh, suitable for dry materials, liquids, slurry, which makes it the classic model of screener to a wider range of applications.

Tumbler screening machine and round vibrating screen produce two different motions with different advantages for screening different materials.

For vibrating screen, the vertical motion increases the particle acceleration which helps to sieve sticky or wet materials.

For tumbler screen, raw material moves through the screen surface elliptically, which helps to maintain a maxium contact with the screen surface, thus the screening precision is greatly enhanced.

Futher differences are like:

1. Round vibrating screen is up to three layers usually, and tumbler screen is up to five layers.

2. The largest model for vibrating screen is with diameter 1500mm, and diameter 2900mm for tumbler screening machine with larger capacity and higher precision.

3. Longer service life of screen mesh for tumbler screening machine due to low acceleration.

4. More option for mesh-cleaning device for tumbler screen (rotating brushes).

5. Lower noise in operation with tumbler screen.

Linear vibrating screen is gradually replaced by gyratory sifter in many sieving applications. Gyratory sifter has more advantages compared with linear vibrating screen.

1. Gyratory sifter has more flexible designs to increase productivity

2. Unique motion makes a maximum contact of raw material on the screen mesh to get a higher sieving precision

3. Longer service life of the screen mesh

4. Few maintenance, easy operation and quick to replace screen mesh


Centrifugal sifter is for removing oversized material or breaking down lumps in sieving dry powder applications, which is a great option for safety screening.

Under the strong centrifugal force, dry powder would be pushed through the screen mesh of the cylindrical screen cage, undersized powder would pass through the mesh and discharged from the bottom outlet, and oversizes material would be trapped within the cylindrical screen cage and pass through the side discharge. 

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