Linear Vibrating Screen

Cost-effective and simple structure;
Efficient in processing and handling of bulk materials;
For different separation tasks in various applications;


szf linear vibrating screen 1

A linear vibrating screen is a screening equipment that utilizes linear motion to separate and classify various materials. It works by feeding the material evenly onto the screen surface and moving in a straight line. The motion of the screen is generated by vibration motor and is transmitted to the screen surface through the vibration mechanism. The main components of a linear vibrating screen include the screen frame, screen mesh, vibration motor and spring. The screen frame holds the screen mesh and provides support for the screening surface. The screen mesh is the actual screening surface that allows the passage of undersized particles while retaining oversized particles. 

The vibration motor generates vibrations that transfer to the screen surface, causing the material to move in a linear motion. The vibration motors are typically located at the bottom of the screen frame and are responsible for generating the required vibration force. The spring support system helps to absorb vibration and provides stability to the screen. It ensures that the screen has the necessary flexibility to withstand the dynamic forces during operation. Linear vibrating screens are commonly used in industries such as mining, metallurgy, coal, chemicals, building materials, and many others. They are effective in screening various materials, including dry bulk materials, fine particles, and viscous materials. The linear motion allows for efficient screening of large quantities of materials with high precision and throughput.


linear vibrating screen1
linear vibrating screen2
linear vibrating screen3

Long service life

The use of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques ensures that linear vibrating screens have a longer service life, reducing the need for frequent replacements and improving cost-effectiveness

High efficiency

Suitable for coarse screening with large output; Long travel distance of the material on the screen surface, high screening efficiency and large capacity

Easy operation

Quick screen change, simple and stable structure, which makes operation relatively easy, also reducing downtime and increasing productivity

Low energy consumption

The linear vibrating screen is designed with a vibration motor as its vibrating source, which helps reduce energy consumption significantly, making it more energy-efficient compared to other types of vibrating screens.


szf linear vibrating sieve
linear vibrating sifter
Model Screen area (m²) Power (KW) Dimensions (mm)(A*B*C*D*E*F*G) one layer Layer (s) Screen Inclination Amplitude (mm)
SZF-520 1 2*0.37 2220*566*1170*500*1370*780*930 1-3 0°--7° 3--7
SZF-525 1.25 2*0.37 2717*566*1174*500*1730*780*930 1-3 0°--7° 3--7
SZF-1020 2 2*0.55 2220*1050*1264*510*1370*1290*1470 1-3 0°--7° 3--7
SZF-1025 2.5 2*0.75 2720*1050*1264*510*1730*1290*1470 1-3 0°--7° 3--7
SZF-1030 3 2*1.1 3160*1050*1334*510*2150*1290*1470 1-3 0°--7° 3--7
SZF-1230 3.6 2*1.5 3160*1250*1334*510*2150*1500*1680 1-3 0°--7° 3--7
SZF-1236 4.21 2*1.9 3865*1250*1382*510*2660*1500*1680 1-3 0°--7° 3--7
SZF-1530 4.5 2*1.9 3325*1552*1434*510*2150*1810*1990 1-3 0°--7° 3--7
SZF-1536 5.4 2*2.2 3916*1552*1500*510*2660*1810*1990 1-3 0°--7° 3--7



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