vibrating screen

Classic Round Vibrating Screen

No-tools intelligence adjustment device for quick adjusting the excitation force: top force wheel for the horizontal excitation force and bottom force wheel for vertical excitation force.

Qucik-release clamp ring for fast replacement of screen, and the whole screen-replacement only takes 3-5 minutes.

High efficiency

Specially-designed and durable, suitable for most powder and liquid materials

Easy operation

Few downtime, easy for replacing screen, grease-free and quick for exciting force adjustment

Long lifesapn

Lean production, high quality spares, strict insepction ensure a long service life.

. of S49 Vibrating Screener

Fully Enclosed

This vibrating screener is fully enclosed, no matrial leakage phenomena

Efficient Screen Replacement

The specially designed clampes helps to replace the screen quickly

round vibrating screen

High Quality Motor

Long service life, SKF bearing for motors, and grease-free

Intelligence Adjustment Device

Easy for adjustment of the lead angles and exciting forces

Widely Applied in Various Fields

S49A vibrating screener is one classic type of screeners and widely used in various industries, it has lots of advantages like low noise, high efficiency, quick for screen-replacement, closed structure… It is applicable to powder, granules, liquids and mucilage.

Our Models for S49 Vibrating Screener

s49 vibrating screen
model of s49 vibrating screen

Upgrades Available

Ultrasonic Deblinding

Ultrasonic vibrating screen prevents blocking and blinding
when processing ultra-fine materials

Comparison Between Weiliang and Other Supplier

From another From Weiliang

The FAQs About S49 Vibrating Screener

Please check some of the frequently asked questions below, other further questions you may have, please donot hesitate to contact us.  We’d love to hear from you!

S49 is an upgrade version of normal 3D rotary vibrating screen, adopt the disc intelligent adjustment device.

To increase horizontal vibrating force, lift and move both top fan weights closer together the same number of slots from center notch or “0” position. 
To decrease horizontal vibrating force, lift and move both top fan weights farther away from center notch or “0” position the same number of slots.

To increase vertical vibrating force, lift and move both bottom fan weights closer together the same number of slots from selected lead angle.

To decrease vertical vibrating force, lift and move both bottom fan weights farther away from selected lead angle the same number of slots. 

To adjust lead angle, lift and move both bottom fan weights to the right or to the left (maintaining equal spacing or number of slots) of the selected lead angle.

Both weight plates should be equally spaced.

1. Shut off the power.
2. When replacing just one spring, tilt side of the table tray where the spring is located by using a lift. Lift high enough to slide bottom of defective spring out of unit.
3. Check spring seat. If an excessive amount of wear is shown, then replace the seat.
4. Install new spring or seat and lower table tray.

1. Shut off the power.
2. Loosen the clamp ring to remove the top cover. 3. Take out the worn screen and remove the gasket, then the center tie-down assembly located above the worn screen.
3. Replace the new screen, install the gasket also the center tie-down assembly.
4. Install the top cover and fastern the clamp ring.

For solving the mesh-blocking problems, we have the silicone bouncing balls, PU sliders, water spray system also ultrasonic cleaning systems.

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