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With WEILIANG FYBS gyratory screener, your final products will meet the high industrial standard. Our unique technology and high quality will help you to gain more benefits.

Large capacity

Maximum use of the screening area, and up to screening area 7.2m² per layer

High precision

Individual adjustment for retention time to ensure the precision

Enhanced durability

Low acceleration and long service life of all parts

Easy operation

Easy to replace the screen mesh and few maintenance


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Gyratory screener&sifter is also called as reciprocating screener, from the perspective of the motion trajectory of the screen body. The vibration force generated by the drive device is a force that changes in a certain direction around a fixed axis. Its essence is the reciprocating inertial force formed by the rotation of the eccentric wheel around the fixed axis. From the structure and working principle of the gyratory sifter, it can be seen that the eccentric wheel pitch of the transmission mechanism of the material movement trajectory and the residence time of the material on the screen mesh have a vital influence, that is, the processing capacity and the sieving efficiency has the opposite effect. In view of this, we can choose between production capacity and sieving efficiency according to specific conditions and needs in the actual operation. The screen surface is generally horizontal or slightly inclined (the inclination angle is 0°~5°) according to the structural characteristics and working principle of the gyratory screener.

Differences Between Our Models and Others

From Other Supplier From WEILIANG

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Technical Parameters of Gyratory Sifter

gyratory screen single feeding1
gyratory screen single feeding2


FYBS-1236-1S 4.32 4 3952mm×1758mm×1490mm
FYBS-1536-1S 5.4 5.5 3952mm×2058mm×1490mm
FYBS-1836-1S 6.48 7.5 3952mm×2442mm×1520mm
FYBS-2036-1S 7.2 7.5 3952mm×2642mm×1520mm
gyratory screen parallel feeding1
gyratory screen parallel feeding2


FYBS-1536-6S 5.4 5.5 6 4632mm×2204mm×2601mm
FYBS-1536-8S 5.4 5.5 8 4732mm×2204mm×2816mm
FYBS-1836-6S 6.48 7.5 6 4685mm×2504mm×2636mm
FYBS-1836-8S 6.48 7.5 8 4782mm×2504mm×2830mm
FYBS-1836-10S 6.48 7.5 10 4900mm×2504mm×3081mm
FYBS-2036-6S 7.2 7.5 6 4685mm×2704mm×2611mm
FYBS-2036-8S 7.2 7.5 8 4782mm×2704mm×2830mm
FYBS-2036-10S 7.2 11 10 4900mm×2704mm×3045mm

Check the Improvements We have made

Welded type

Bolted type

More Durable

Large improvement in structure, from welded type to boltd type, with longer service life

Higher Performance

From standard 1-5 layers to double channel design up to 10 layers, larger capacity and higher precision

Standard 1-5 layers

Double channels design

Double channel design

Breakthrough in structure

More Flexible

Standard double channel design, to breakthrough in internal structure, we could sieve one same size in 6 and 8 layers

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