• Quick discharging & large capacity;
  • Efficient in coarse screening & oversized material removal 

Multi-level Classification


Quick screen Replacement


Adjustable for Amplitude

vibrating screen



GLS vibrating screen is a new type of high efficiency screening equipment. The screen does linear vibration relying on the vibration excitation device. It adopts multi-layer, large inclination angle and large screen aperture, which greatly improves the screening efficiency and production capacity.
GLS vibrating screen has high sieving efficiency and is widely used for coarse particle sieving in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, metallurgy, building materials, coal and other industries.

The whole equipment is installed on a set of elastic elements. The screen gets high frequency vibration by the rotary of the vibrating motor. The aperture of the screen is generally larger than the particle size, which is usually 1.2-2.2 times. The material will disintegrate quickly once it enters the sifter, thus eliminating mesh clogging that may be caused by critical particles. GLS vibrating screen uses a mesh larger than the sieving granularity. It consists of a frame, two vibrating motors and a set of multilayer overlapping screens. Its gradient gradually increases from top to bottom and the mesh size gradually decreases.

large capacity vibrating screen


Technical Parameters

technical parameter of vibrating screen
Model Layers Screen Area (㎡) Inclination (°) Power (KW) Frequency (min) Amplitude (mm) Dimensions (mm) (AxBxC)
GLS-525 1 - 3 1.25 5 - 30 2x0.55 960 1 - 7 2860x608x1940
GLS-1025 1 - 3 2.5 5 - 30 2x1.5 960 1 - 7 2860x1112x2120
GLS-1030 1 - 3 3.0 5 - 30 2x1.5 960 1 - 7 3440x1112x2320
GLS-1530 1 - 3 4.5 5 - 30 2 x 2.2 960 1 - 7 3540x1612x2360
GLS-1536 1 - 3 5.4 5 - 30 2 x 2.2 960 1 - 7 4310x1612x2380

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