Industries We Work With

Weiliang Screeners are widely applied in almost all industrial fields with high sieving performance, producing the qualified final products that meet the industrial standard. No matter for small-large particles grading, impurities-removel or solid-liquid separation, you could always find a great solution for your applications.

Please check the list below of some industries we worked for, if your application is not shown in the list, please feel free to contact us to let us know how we can help to improve the productivity and quality of your final product.


Food & Beverage

High performance vibrating sieves, tumbler sreeners, centrifugal sifter and gyratory separators for processing food materials.



Easy operation screening and sieving equipment for pharmaceutical field with long service life and few maintenance.



High quality final products are ensured with vibrating separator, centrifugal sifter, tumbler screener and gyratory sieve.

Metal Powder

High quality sieving equipment with ultrasonic device enables qualified metal powder which meet industrial standards.

Agriculture & Fertilizer

Get your qualified products for agricultural uses with gyratory sifter, tumbler screener, centrifugal sieve and vibrating separator.

sieving SAND

Cement & Sand

High performance gyratory screening machine for sieving sand and cement with large productivity and high precision.



Qualified mineral products with accurate particle size ranges produced by super gyratory sifter, also with easy operation.



Ensure the quality of plastic product like EPS, PVC with high performance screening equiment for different sieving needs.


Easy-operation sieving and screening equipment for processing the qualified feed products for animals.

Ceramics & Abrasive

Processing ceramic and abrasieve products to achieve optimum particle sizes with high quality sieving equipment.

EPS Drying

Specially-designed dryer machine for EPS drying process, with high performance and easy operation.



A wide range of screening equipment for processing wastes like food waste, oil, plastics… in recycling industry.

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