Screening Equipment for Pharmaceuticals

Please check the pharmaceuticals applications with Weiliang Vibrating Screener, Centrifugal Screener, Tumbler Screener and Gyratory Screener. Below shows the testing videos and on-site operation videos for processing different raw materials in pharmaceuticals applications. Kindly notice, we have applications more than what we have shown below, please contact us now to let us know more about your specific applications. We’d love to hear from you!

sieving Vc powder

Vitamin C Powder

YBS tumbler screener for grading vitamin C powder into different particle sizes.

herbs sieving

Mugwort Powder

High performance WLQ centrifugal sifter for separating out moxa fibers from mugwort powder efficiently.

sifting sodium alginate

Sodium Alginate

WLQ centrifugal screener for processing sodium alginate powder with high efficiency.

sieving chitosan

Chitosan Powder

High quality WLQ centrifugal sifter is for removing the coarse powder and getting the fine chitosan powder in an effective way.

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